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How Often Should I Visit a Chiropractor?

How many times should you expect to visit your chiropractor each month? The answer is different for each patient, but our goal is always to transition patients to a sustainable wellness state in which we see them once or twice a month.

Factors Affecting How Often You Need Chiropractic 

When you first visit a chiropractor, they will develop a personalized care plan that accounts for your current health as well as your health history. The end goal of that plan will be to transition you toward a wellness or maintenance state.

Previous or current injuries can affect your treatment schedule, as can your daily routine. For example, if you spend hours a day at a computer, or you don’t exercise frequently, you might want to visit your chiropractor more often. A regular adjustment can prevent pain and other problems associated with a more sedentary lifestyle. 

If you have a condition or injury that is causing you serious pain, you should expect to visit your chiropractor more frequently. But again, your schedule of treatment should decrease over time (depending on how your body responds to treatment). Your chiropractor’s goal should always be to transition you toward the once or twice a month alignments associated with a wellness state.

Who Can and Should Receive Chiropractic Care? 

There is no wrong age or time at which to start receiving chiropractic care. Even those who have just been born can benefit from chiropractic!  

Whether you are currently in pain, or just seeking to keep your body in alignment, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us or your local chiropractor. We love helping patients from every background get the pain relief and peace of mind that they need.