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My overall wellness and health has improved

I was a Varsity football, track, and wrestling coach for 20 years. I often worked out with players and was very athletic through the years. As I got older, my muscles got super tight, and my hips and neck started to give me issues and it kept getting worse. I just didn’t have the motion I was used to!

I knew other people who received chiropractic care and they got incredible results including my daughter, Kelsey, who had a bad soccer accident and decided to give it a try myself!

When I first went to Power Total Health, everyone was so friendly! They all knew my name and made me feel so welcome. Dr. Karl is very nice and easy-going. My flexibility has gotten better, and I feel less pain and stiffness. The Decompression table in addition to getting chiropractic care has helped my lower back tremendously. I know that my overall wellness and health has improved. My goal was to get my flexibility back and that is starting to happen. I’m thankful for the results I’m getting and would recommend anyone with similar issues to try the decompression table, too!

- Larry B