We've rebranded from Power Chiropractic Health to Power Total Health!

My overall health and well-being have made such a turn around

I worked full-time up to the year 2020 and decided to then become a full-time stay at home Mom.  My children are from the age of 18 down to 4 years old.  I had my work cut out for me though just with different schools and extra-curricular activities like soccer.  

I also have my own personal goals like training for a full marathon.  I guess that’s where some of my back and neck issues have come from because I am very active. I train long and hard!

I’ve suffered for months with these issues and my husband Clayton is also a patient at Power Total Health, has had such great results!  I too decided to join him and have had great outcomes as well.  My migraines and lower back have improved so much in the past few months.  I no longer need to take my ibuprofen for pain.  It was so debilitating, and I no longer needed to go lay down and rest.

Power Total Health has been a great experience.  They are so friendly and fast!  I really like that I can reschedule easily.  They give you a lot of options and make it very flexible.  My overall health and well-being have made such a turn around.  I would suggest that if anyone would like a better quality of life, check them out!  

- Kimberly W.