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SoftWave has made such a difference in my lower back and shoulders

I’m a nurse practitioner that works long and strenuous hours. I work with a lot of women and the equipment that we use has messed me up. It puts a lot of wear and tear on my body.

I have suffered for years with severe pain in my lower back and tailbone area. It inhibited me from sitting or walking. I had to move slow with limited function and couldn’t keep up with my kids or really do any activities. Just to cope, I did some physical therapy and took muscle relaxers, pain relievers, and steroid injections, however nothing seemed to help.

Once I started care at Power Total Health, I started getting adjusted and a treatment called SoftWave. In about 2 months I’ve improved so much! I can lay in bed for a 8 hour period and get a great night’s sleep. SoftWave has made such a difference in my lower back and shoulders, too.

I am such a believer in chiropractic!!! I bring my girls that are very active, and chiropractic care a game changer for them too! I even refer to all pregnant patients from the office. I would tell anybody and everybody not to hesitate to give Power Total Health a try, it will work for you!!!

- Jennifer M.