We've rebranded from Power Chiropractic Health to Power Total Health!

The positivity of the staff is so uplifting

When I decided to come to Power Total Health, I had been in pain for over 20 years! After I had my first child, I had a lot of tension in my hips and really felt like it was out of line because of labor and delivery. My job didn’t help either. I work for American Airlines stacking bags that weigh 50 pounds to 60 pounds. It wreaked havoc on my upper shoulders and neck.

I tried other alternative things like acupuncture. It helped temporarily, but the pain came right back. I also tried other chiropractors, but I really didn’t like how they adjusted me. I honestly felt worse after I got adjusted by them!

I also believe a healthy diet is very important as well. I cut back on my sugar intake and have been eating healthier. My results paired with my continual visits to Power have made my whole well-being improve!

I love my visits weekly to Power Total Health office! They are so welcoming and friendly! The positivity of the staff is so uplifting and it’s just overall good for my soul!!!!

- Nancy G.