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True Corrections vs. Temporary Relief

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 The Solution that Works

Imagine waking up everyday after a solid 8 hours of sleep only to feel more tired than when you fell asleep. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, you deal with allergies, stiff joints, sore muscles and uncontrollable anxiety. You feel down and you can’t even pinpoint why. You take various medications throughout the day in the hopes that SOMETHING will help you feel more normal, more like the YOU you used to know.

But nothing works. Nothing EVER works. And you’ve lost all hope that you’ll never find anything that does.

This is how one of our practice members came to us: in poor health and feeling hopeless. But then, halfway through the treatment plan we had set up for her, something amazing happened: she began to feel better. And not just the kind of temporary relief that comes with pain pills and allergy medications, but the kind that comes with true health. The kind of better that doesn’t subside—not after a couple of hours or even a couple of days. The kind of better that lasts.

So, what did we do that made her feel like her old, healthy self again? That’s simple: we used specific and scientific chiropractic care.

Each of our practice members come to us with one goal in mind: to feel 100% all day, everyday. At Power Chiropractic, that’s just how we aim to make them feel.

For every new practice member we see, we conduct a one-on-one consultation during which we discuss your health goals and talk about what’s currently holding you back from achieving them. After that, we complete a thorough assessment. We use this assessment to determine if you have any spinal misalignment, subluxations, nerve damage or posture abnormalities. From our findings we put together the most effective treatment plan for you.

Why Chiropractic is the Difference You’ve Been Looking For

With prescription drugs and pain medications, the only kind of relief you’ll experience is temporary relief. With chiropractic care, you’ll get a lifetime of relief. Why? Because we don’t just treat symptoms—we find the source of those problems and correct it.

The practice member we described at the beginning of this blog post was literally chasing symptoms before she came to us. Each one of the pills she was taking was causing an adverse affect on some part of her body, thereby causing even more symptoms to erupt. Yet, the original cause of her duress was going untreated.

When she finally relented and came to us, we were able to quickly identify the source of her health problems, and she soon learned that health doesn’t come from a bottle, but rather, it comes from within.

So many individuals are skeptical of chiropractic care, yet those very individuals feel comfortable pumping their bodies with medications and serums and other unnatural substances. And, as many of our practice members can attest to, that does not work! But chiropractic does.

If you are like the above patient and feel hopeless because prescriptions and medications haven’t worked for you in the past – if you think you are destined to live in discomfort or even pain – and if you are just tired all the time because of it, chiropractic is the solution you need.